Jacqueline Lobdell

As an Actor

Jacqueline set her sights on acting at a young age. She is currently SAG eligible from her Principal role in Slice of Life and At the Door; with SAG producer and director, Brian Cutler. She is located out of Los Angeles, but is happy to travel for work. She has been acting since she was 5 years old. At age 7, she decided she wanted to pursue acting as her career. She left traditional school for online school, in order to put more time into her acting projects. In 2007, Jacqueline was voted as Youth Spokesperson for a non-profit animal rescue group, Animal Agents. Jacqueline recorded Public Service Announcements, appeared on television and had numerous personal appearances promoting animal welfare on behalf of the organization.

In 2010 she was recruited for Central Fine Art Magnet school in Oklahoma. She was elected as the Theater Spokesperson for the Performing Arts Student Council -SMAC. In 2012, Jacqueline was a part of the Pacific Coast Performing Arts (PCPA) Youth Program and production in Santa Maria, California.

From 2013-2017 she attended University of Nevada Las Vegas, graduating from a 4 year program in 3 years. She received a Stage and Screen Acting Concentration, and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Following College, she immediately moved to California and found representation and continued her education in LA, primarily with Brian Cutler Acting Studio

Jacqueline also worked in several non-union projects, such as Light as Air, Chunk, and Sex, Drugs, and Nasty Nells. She also sought out stunt training and projects in other specialized areas in the industry such as hosting, commercials, and voice over. Currently, She is awaiting the shoot of several film projects as well as actively doing auditions for future projects.

She can currently be typed as healthy, adventurous, fun-loving, lovable, perky, stylish, attractive, beautiful, good-natured, young, sassy, sensual, and keeping a secret.
She can be cast as, athletic, popular, princess, hippy, hottie. partier, stripper, victim or villain.
She falls in the age range 25-35 years olds.


As a Model

Jacqueline Specializes in Brand Ambassador work, print, hand and foot modeling, and Specialty Skill Photography, including Fitness, Dance, and Circus Arts.
She has been Modeling since 6 years old when she began working with photographers and her horse. Her movement skills, fit body, and one of a kind all natural strawberry blonde hair has led her to be a sought after model. She became an Animal Agent spokesmodel at the age of 8, featured in commercials as well as print and brand ambassador work. In 2007, Jacqueline was voted as Youth Spokesperson for a non-profit animal rescue group, Animal Agents. Jacqueline recorded Public Service Announcements, appeared on television and had numerous personal appearances promoting animal welfare on behalf of the organization.
In 2010 she represented the USA at the World equestrian games as a spoke model for equestrian vaulting with the friendship team. In 2011, she was signed by Linda Layman agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Later she went on to work with Taste the World Photography as a model on a regular basis. In 2017 she became an Aktive Aerial Brand Ambassador performing at IRSHA and IDEA. She was named Miss Fuego in 2019, as well as being a Representative for Ritual Drops.
She has worked for countless companies both for print and brand ambassador work. In 2019 she started hand and foot modeling with Solie Spa in Venice Beach, CA. In 2020 she did her first national commercial for PPE for Covid. In 2020 Jacqueline was cast as an ongoing Brand Ambassador and Hang Model for Adam and Eve Products and is still working with them today. Currently you can see her latest work in several photographer series as well as on several companies’ pages, including the Cirque Ma’Ceo, Invert-U and Women Next Door. She is actively seeking work for User Generated Content, Print, and Brand Ambassador in Los Angeles.


As an Circus Artist

Currently, Jacqueline is performing with Cirque Ma’Ceo as an Equestrian and Aerial Performer in the USA. She is based out of Los Angeles and has studied across the USA and in Germany. She has booked gigs across LA with multiple circuses, talent agencies, entertainment companies and venues; including her own production for 6 years. She also created a chain of fitness studios in the Los Angeles area; Invert U, LLC, and a chain of vaulting teams across the USA. In 2008, she founded Outfit Africa, a Non-profit organization helping equestrian athletes in Africa. In 2009, she traveled to Europe to compete as an equestrian vaulter. Later that year, Jacqueline earned the silver division championship in equestrian vaulting in Las Vegas, NV. In 2010, she represented the USA at the World Equestrian games as an equestrian vaulting performer. In 2020 she won several pole championship titles. She has produced multiple circus shows and performed at world renowned venues such as Harvelle’s. She started riding, vaulting, dancing, acrobatics, and training people and horses at a young age. Jacqueline Lobdell is a generalist in the circus, with the most experience in Aerial, Pole, Equestrian Disciplines in solo, duo, and group acts. She is highly experienced in a variety of equestrian disciplines. She has worked with a variety of breeds of horses in a multitude of styles. She looks forward to rebuilding her chain of studios and continuing circus productions in the future.


As an Trainer:

Jacqueline Lobdell currently offers in person and online training for all ages and levels for equestrians, dancers, fitness, yoga, flexibility, circus, aerial, acrobatics, weight loss, performance technique and more. She is open to group lessons or private lessons at home or at her local studio. She is X-pert Certified with years of knowledge and experience. She created Invert-U to bring effective and fun fitness to the USA.. She has learned from world champions and some of the best teachers in the world. She is ready to share her knowledge in an easy and accepting manner today.
Don’t miss out on making your dreams come true, because dreams can come true. It’s just up to you to take the first step today.

She has been coaching for over 10 years. As the sole owner, Jacqueline built Invert-U from the ground up. She tackled marketing, business theory, construction, renovations, instructing, recruiting, management, retail and much more. She proudly has grown her unique team and Invert-U into a chain of three plus locations. Invert-U has accomplished years of success with a talented team of twenty plus instructors, managers, and interns. Invert-U currently offers their services online, in home and in private training facilities.
Ultimately, she has created a space where all can feel comfortable to explore their bodies and enjoy themselves.

Empowering both female and male, youth and adult, artist, athletic, or feminine sexy energy, she successfully created a tribe and Invert Team where individuals can escape from their hectic lives, or find support, friendships and mentorships. Creating Invert-U was a lifelong dream for me. After 21 years of training in Arts and Fitness she finally opened up her first location in California; in 2020 she had 3 locations. Furthermore she was able to partner with celebrities to create a series of Circus Productions in LA and on tour.

With Jacqueline Guidance you can reach your Goals sooner and safer than on your own.

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